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February 7 meeting report


Our Parents and Friends Toastmasters Club had a lively Zoom meeting in English on February 7 with some guests.

At the beginning of the meeting, we formally welcomed a new member into our club with the New Member Induction Ceremony.

Little Leaders's Session

This session is the special feature for our club.

We shared lovely images and movies of children's artwork.

Prepared speech session

We had two prepared speeches. Both speeches were very informative for all members.

The first speech entitled "Research your own life" was delivered. She spoke about our subconscious minds which affect our daily lives and also mentioned about "mommy track". She stressed importance of getting out of our subconsciousness and introduced a magical way to achieve it!

The second speech was about a cooking appliance "Hot Cook", which is an automatic cooking pot. He introduced this cooking pot as his private chef! In his opinion, not only the CHEF makes nice meals, he greatly contributes to good family relationships.

Table Topics Session

We practice impromptu speeches in this session. The topics were about Valentine’s Day. We shared good and bad memories and stories about the topics and laughed a lot.

Every member filled their own roles and greatly contributed the success of this meeting. We can learn leadership and teamwork step by step by filling each role.

We welcome guests from all over the world. Please come and visit our Zoom meeting to see how you can grow your communication skills.

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